Angel's Attic Volunteers
Angel's Attic Volunteers
     September 2018     
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About This Group

For many years the Angel's Attic has been managed and staffed by volunteers, mostly from our Parish, but occasionally by local Novato community members. The Angel's Attic provides three modest and hands-on ways to promote a greener world: Staffing, Donating and Shopping. Staffing - the Attic volunteers are nicknamed "the Angels" (of course!) but as that day's proprietor of the Attic, the only requirement is to be an active part in the Novato community that comes through the door. Some days customers will range in age from 1 to 90, you may hear 4 different languages, you will meet dealers who will educate you on watches, books or ceramics, and some customers just come in to have a chat. Training involves a 15 minute orientation and teaming up with another volunteer until you are comfortable on your own. Donating your gently used goods to the Attic is a lovely way to volunteer. Donations may have a dollar value, but just as important is their value to be useful, to be appreciated, and to give pleasure. Outgrown toys entertain the next generation, books wait for their next audience, and baskets are only useful when they are filled, vases need flowers, and a single pretty plate makes the cookies on it taste better. Donated items recycle the earth's resources that were consumed in their manufacture, and also recycle their usefulness, the creator's craftsmanship and the pleasure that they can provide. Tax deductible receipts for charitable giving are provided. Shopping as volunteering! What a great concept! At the attic you can purchase useful and fun items at low cost that have the same usefulness as an identical, new item. By moderating our consumption of new items, and purchasing used items when possible, we not only conserve the earth's resources, but preserve and appreciate past industry.
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