About Us

Mission Statement

Saint Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church welcomes all faithful persons and all others who seek to find faith, hope, and spiritual growth in a safe environment.

Saint Francis is a theologically progressive church. We value and welcome to our community all persons for their unique individual selves.

We strive to reflect St Francis’ teaching: first, by joyful commitment to exploring and deepening our faith in God; second, by our love for each other through worship and working together; third, by praising God‘s creation through engaging in outreach and support for our human community’s needs in the world beyond our parish.

St. Francis Vestry and Deanery

2024 Vestry

Robert Tarleton, Senior Warden, SrWarden@stfrancisnovato.org

Evelyn Ellis, Junior Warden, evbuch@yahoo.com

Pat Mei,  Clerk/Secretary, pat.novato@gmail.com

Allison Waterworth, allison@drwaterworth.com

Vaggelis Sotiropoulos, vsotiropoulo@gmail.com

Sam Crocker, Treasurer, skctrustee@aol.com

2024 Deanery Representatives

Tony Mei & Harry Lehmann

St. Francis Preschool

Jesse Parish, Director

Nestled among tall oak and pine trees, St. Francis Preschool has been serving families in the North Bay Area since 1967, providing a nurturing and stable learning environment for young children.  Today, the preschool has traditions that have been a part of St. Francis for decades.  Blending those with up to date practices and a highly trained staff, they strive to provide the best possible early childhood education experience for young children and their families in Novato.

To learn more about our preschool and to schedule a tour call Jesse Parish, at 415.892.2597. Please visit their website at https://stfrancispreschoolnovato.org/.

Church History 1948 to Present

Our Church began as a Mission founded in 1948. On November 7 of that year, Paul and Marie Brindel, Novato citizens who wanted an Episcopal Church to inhabit the vast and rural area that was Novato, hosted a group of twenty people at their home to meet with the then Bishop of California, Karl Block. Bishop Block allowed the creation of an Episcopal Mission, and the people chose Saint Francis to be the mission’s patron saint. The choice of Francis was twofold: for one, the church was located a mere 30 miles from the great city by the same name; and two, Novato was a land rich in peaceful, natural settings.

In 1950, the Mission worked with the diocese to purchase an acre-and-a-half of quiet, ancient-oak-tree studded farmland to be the grounds for that Mission.  The first building, a humble chapel named after Saint Clare, was carved out of the very earth on which it stood, a monument to the Mission’s connection with nature and its humble beginning. Over-time St. Francis grew from a mission to parish.

The Transitus

The Transitus is our weekly e-newsletter. The name comes from the most important feast day in the life of St. Francis, his death on October 3 and his entrance into the joy of our God. This is known as the Transitus,  or Journey. Just as Francis was sent into new life, we pray our community worship, events and education help send you into new life - a journey -  as well!

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