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Altar Guild

Leader: Phyllis Gray


The Altar Guild serves and glorifies God by assisting the clergy in preparing the altar for worship, and all things necessary for celebration of the Eucharist.

“I serve on the Altar Guild because I feel it is a way to honor the church; caring for the fundamental items we use in our services such as the chalices, candles, robes, and linens, and passing on the tradition to new members.” - Phyllis Gray

What do we do? Set up the church for Sunday and holiday services, a day or two before the service. After the service, clean-up and put everything away.

How much time is involved? Each Altar Guild Member is assigned a team. Each team of 2-3 members works one weekend a month to set up before services, and clean up after the church service is over. Setting up for services usually takes about an hour. Cleaning up after services takes less than an hour.

Meetings and Clean-up Days The Altar Guild holds two meetings/clean-up days a year. The meetings last less than an hour, and the clean-up portion held afterwards takes approximately two hours.

Holidays Are you curious about the Foot-Washing Service held at St. Francis on Maundy Thursday? Would you like to celebrate with your church community on Christmas Day, or share in Easter festivities? The Altar Guild is a great way to become involved.

But I don’t know anything about the Altar Guild. You will be trained by one of the very knowledgeable and patient volunteers. Some of our volunteers have been with the Altar Guild for twenty years! There is a lot of church history for you to uncover.

Summer Schedule During the summer months, when the church service is held outside under the Oaks, the Altar Guild helps to set up the outdoor altar before services begin at 10 a.m.

Want to know more? Contact:

 Phyllis Gray