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What is Breeze?

A simple way for people in small- and mid-sized churches to stay in touch.

Why has St. Francis decided to use Breeze?

  • It will help us keep in touch with each other through an online directory (and you can print it too)
  • It will help us do some things even better:
    • communicate among our ministry team members; set up schedules
    • welcome visitors and follow up with them
    • provide people records of their giving
  • It's affordable ($50 / month, no matter how many users)
  • You can access it online or on your phone apps
  • It plays well with the software we already use (Quickbooks and our website)
  • It has great customer service and support

How can you access Breeze?



You can also download Breeze's mobile app, in order to be able to access the online directory wherever you go!


What can you do once logged in to Breeze?

After creating a member account and logging in to Breeze, you will be able to:

  • View and Edit Your Own Information
  • Find People
  • Print a Church Directory
  • Make Contributions and Donations
  • View your Giving History
  • View Church Events

View & Edit Your Own Information:

  • Click “My Profile” on the top task bar
  • Click on any of the gray title boxes (main, family, or contact) to edit section (Note, please enter your birthdate and your baptism and anniversary dates, if relevant)

  • You can even upload or update your photo by clicking on the photo and uploading a new image.

  • Click the green “Save” button when done editing

Find People:

  • On top task bar click “People”
  • Scroll to find who you’re looking for or type the name of the person in the “Filter by Name” box on the left-hand side of the page

  • You can also search by other criteria, such as email, by selecting “Show More Filter Options” under the Filter by Name box

Print a Church Directory:

  • Click “People” on the top task bar
  • On the right-hand side choose “Export”

  • For Format choose “Directory”

  • Select any of these two options if you wish (note that if you want to include pictures, it’s best not to group by family because you will only get one person’s picture with the family name)

  • Click Download

  • It will open the directory in print view, right click and select print.

Make Online Donations & Contributions:

  • On the top task bar choose Give Now

  • Enter your contribution amount
  • Choose your method (credit card or bank transfer)
  • Choose your fund

  • Enter your payment Information
  • Choose either “One Time Gift” or select the frequency that you’d like to give

  • Click Donate Now

See Your Giving History:

  • Click “My Profile” on the top task bar
  • On the left-hand side choose Giving

  • You can filter for specific dates and funds if needed

See Calendar Events**:

  • From the main screen choose 

OR click “Events” on the top task bar

  • When the calendar appears, click on an event title for more information

**This calendar will only show events relevant to St. Francis parishioners – the calendar for public viewing will remain at

To add yourself to Breeze or ask any other questions, contact:

Robert Tarleton,